Improve your skills and be a dynamic Human Resource Manager

Business is all about sustaining the society. The task force that fabricates a business is the same that can take a business from rags to riches. And, every person involved in a business needs a particular skill set and the task to identify the same is undertaken by an HR manager (HRM). An HRM looks into the affairs of different verticals of a business and brings it under a single umbrella. He/she has to bring the best out of the team and ensure that company’s resources, i.e. humans are managed.

 Here is a list of ‘must haves’ one should acquire to become a successful HRM.

Improve your skills and be a dynamic Human Resource Manager

  • Be a MULTITASKER: Mba In HRM means that you have to mediate between the management and the employees. To be good at handling miscellaneous things, you must set constant reminders for yourself. It also means that you need to be well organized to meet the deadlines. Prioritize your zenith project, be it recruitments, placements or the employees’ payrolls, and schedule other tasks in a chronological order. Also, it is helpful if your company has a team of HR executives who can look into different verticals of HR department. Sometimes in workplaces there might be just 1-3 HR manager(s) per a 100 employees. At places like these, it is difficult to multitask and guarantee quality. Responsible institutes have a separate department for Human Resource Management where every individual takes care of a particular aspect. As a benefit, the senior most manager can delegate work to other teammates, basis their individual capabilities.
  • Be assertive: Whilst this is a quality every individual needs to possess, it is of utmost importance for an HR executive. Very often, you would find intermittent leave applications. In such scenarios, you need to help the employee in case of emergency or a genuine concern. At the same time, you are answerable to the management. You have to directly report and justify the reason why a leave was availed by a person and if it could be avoided. Hence, you need to be assertive. Look into the employees’ concerns and if not possible to oblige them, feel free to pass across a polite no. You may have to handle a negative employee, provide a dispute resolution or handle an unhappy boss. The quality that will take you ahead is assertiveness.
  • Be Complimentary: You love to be complemented. Don’t you? Similarly, your team would like to be noticed for the extra hour they spent to finish a project by the deadline or the day they travelled to another city to receive an important client. So, be complimentary. Praise your team for doing that ‘cherry on the top’ work. Also, be specific when you praise. Use phrases like,

    “I appreciate that you learnt foreign language to deal with our international clients.”, “I am happy with the way you brought out the best out of our new team member.”

    You can also consider organizing appreciation events for your team. Don’t shy away from walking up to an employee who might not be as successful as others, but puts heart and soul to work. A good HR is the one who coordinates with team and wields everyone’s best.

  • Be a good rhetorician: Being a bridge between the company’s management and the employees, you will have to communicate 24X7. You want your employees and employer to not just hear you, but listen to you. For this, you are wanted to be impactful while conversing. Further, make sure that you are good with both types of communication, verbal and non verbal. Follow the Email principles strictly: follow the trailing mail, keep the concerned persons in loop, mark a blind copy carefully since it can be unethical, etc. Also, your face expressions must be in sync with your words. At times, you will need to manipulate. Make sure your body gestures and posture do not cheat you.
  • Be spacious: No, this doesn’t mean that you have to be the ideal, spacious car offering a good mileage. This implies that you must be able to accommodate everyone’s perspective and give them space. There will be times when your employees will share their problems with you. In those instances, you must secure their privacy. Depending on the situation, you may want to filter their problems instead of stating them to the management in  the rawest form. Also, think twice before venting out your personal problems in front of your team. Everyone faces problems in personal life, but you have your family and friends to listen to you. In case you think that high of someone that he/she can handle your secrets, be thoughtful enough before regretting it. You don’t want to appear like a person who can’t handle his/her problems, since that is what your boss recruited you for; handling problems and solving them.

 There can be numerous skills for an Mba HR Course to acquire. However, it is important for an HRM to get a good hold of these traits particularly, so that handling the team becomes an effortless activity, and not an intricate task.


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